DOCO Credit Union

Fee Schedule

Effective Date 11/16/2017. The following fees may be assessed
against your account and the following transaction limitations, if any, applied to your account.

Share Account Fees
Christmas Club Account Closure Fee* $10.00 if closed between January 1 and October 31
Christmas Club Early Withdrawal Fee $10.00 per early withdrawal made between January 1 and October 31 (does not apply when closing account)
Vacation Club Account Closure Fee $10.00
Vacation Club Early Withdrawal Fee $10.00 - One free withdrawal is allowed per year (does not apply when closing account)
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Share Draft/Checking Account Fees
Checking & Classic Plus Checking Fresh No monthly service fee
Fresh Start Checking $10.00 monthly fee assessed on last day of each month
NSF/Overdraft Fee $35.00 per item
Stop Payment Fee $10.00 per item or consecutive series
Share Draft Printing Fee Prices may vary depending on style
Share Draft Copy Fee $2.00 per copy
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Other Service Fees (Applicable To All Accounts)
Account Reconciliation Fee $10.00 per hour
Account Research Fee $10.00 per hour
Deposited Item Return Fee $35.00 per item (member only check)
Check Cashing Fee Checks in the amount of $250 or more may be subject to a $5 check cashing fee. Exceptions may apply according to account balance and product/service relationship with the credit union.
Paper Statement Fee $5.00 per mailed paper statement (no charge for members 65 years of age or older)
Outgoing Wire Transfer Fee $15.00 per transfer
Outgoing International Wire Transfer Fee $30.00 per transfer
Inactive Account Maintenance $5.00 per month after 1 year inactivity (no charge for members 18 years and younger)
Overdraft Protection Transfer Fee $5.00 per transfer
Privilege Protection Fee $35.00 per item
Statement Copy Fee $2.00 per statement
History Print-Out Fee $2.00 per print-out (Limit 14 days)
Returned Mail Handling Fee $1.00 per piece of returned mail
Cashier's Check No charge for share withdrawals payable to members;
$2.00 per check payable to third party;
non-member cashier's check $10.00 each
Money Orders $1.00 Each
VISA Gift Card Instant Issue Fee $3.50 per gift card
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Electronic Funds Transfer Fees
ATM/VISA Check Card Transaction Fee (Non-Proprietary) $1.00 per transaction at non-proprietary machine
ATM/VISA Credit and Debit Card PIN Replacement Fee $2.00 per card
ATM/VISA Credit and Debit Card Card Replacement Fee $5.00 per card
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Safe Deposit Box Fees
Annual Rental
(All safe deposit boxes are 22 inches in length)
  • Size:
  • 3x5
  • 3x10
  • 5x10
  • 10x10
  • Fee:
  • $10.00
  • $20.00
  • $30.00
  • $50.00
Change of Lock Fee $5.00
Drilling of Box Fee $100.00
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Credit Union Membership
Membership Minimum Share Balance $5.00 par value
Membership Fee (one-time fee) $5.00 non-refundable
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For additional information regarding our Regular Share/Savings Account, please click here.