DOCO Credit Union

Coindexter Club

It's never to early to start saving for long-term goals such as college tuition or a first car! DOCO can help! When you open a savings account for your child (ages 12 & under), he or she will automatically become a member of the Coindexter Club, an interactive savings program designed to teach children responsible money management.

Members of the Coindexter Club receive fun and educational newsletters and post card mailings from club characters such as Penny Parker, Nick Nickels, Kelli or Kerry Cash, Luis Lender, Chelsea Ching, Piggy Banks, and even Professor Coindexter himself.

Each mailing also serves as a reminder to make regular deposits, and each time a $5 or more deposit is made in person at one of our branches, your child will receive a small gift from one of our friendly tellers.

The main focus of the program is to encourage regular deposits to your child's account, which will help future savings grow and grow!

What your child can expect as a member of the Coindexter Club:

  • An Introductory activity/coloring book

  • A Child identification kit

  • 4 newsletters per year

  • 4 postcards per year

  • Small gifts for every $5 or more deposit made in person

  • Click Here to enter Professor Coindexter's fun and interactive attic!

  • Contact Us today to open a Coindexter Club savings account for your child.