DOCO Credit Union

Potential Scam Alert: Please be aware we are receiving calls about a potential telephone scam asking
for your debit card information. DOCO CREDIT UNION WILL NEVER CALL and ask for your Debit and/or Credit Card information.
If you have received a call and given out your information, please contact the Credit Union immediately.


When we receive your request for membership, we will send you a membership packet that will include a membership application and any pertinent credit union disclosure information.

  Membership Information
  Name Date of Birth  
  City State Zip
  Employment Work Phone Number Home Phone Number
  Eligibility for Membership Driver's Lic. #  
  Mother's Maiden Name/Security Password Driver's Lic. State  
  Account Type
  Regular Share/Savings Individual Retirement Account
  Term Share/Certificate Other
  Christmas & Vacation Clubs  


Once your application is completed, press the SUBMIT button and send it to the credit union electronically.
If you do not wish to submit this form electronically, you can print, sign and return it to the credit union.